Campaign Response on the Elections Act (Voter ID)

Thank you for contacting me about identification at polling stations. 

A secure electoral system is a vital component of a healthy democracy, and the public must have confidence that our elections are secure and fit for the 21st century. Asking voters to bring identification to their polling station is an important way of achieving this and the Elections Act introduces provision to put such a requirement into law.

This is part of a wider package of measures in the Elections Act to strengthen electoral integrity – including by tackling postal and proxy voting fraud, tackling intimidation, increasing transparency of digital campaigning, and preventing foreign interference in elections.

I can assure you that the Government is working to ensure that all eligible voters continue to be able to vote. The legislation makes clear that local authorities will be required to provide an identity card to anyone who needs it.

A Cabinet Office evaluation of the identification pilot scheme in 2019 also found that locally issued identification had a positive benefit for homeless electors who were able to use it to access other local public services including a local job centre.


Yours sincerely,




Sally-Ann Hart MP