Campaign Response for Fire Service Funding

Thank you for contacting me about funding for the Fire and Rescue Authorities.

It is right to say that, throughout the pandemic, fire and rescue services across the country have played an essential role in the national effort to tackle Covid-19. This includes helping other emergency services, aiding vulnerable people and supporting the NHS. It is important to remember that this is of course on top of their usual vital firefighting duties.

I therefore welcome the fact that the Home Office has launched a £6 million Fire Coronavirus Contingency Fund. This funding will help to support fire and rescue authorities who incur significant costs as a result of taking on additional duties during the coronavirus outbreak.

I can assure you that Fire and Rescue Authorities have the necessary funding to respond to incidents. Overall, Fire and Rescue Authorities will receive around £2.3 billion in 2020/21. It is also good news that £6.4 billion in funding has been made available for councils to relieve local pressures and help vulnerable people as councils see fit.

I hope this clarifies the Government’s commitment to the Fire and Rescue Authorities, and I will continue to engage with Ministers to ensure the Authorities receive the funding they need.

Thank you again for taking the time to contact me