Gaza (Ceasefire vote) November 2023

Thank you for contacting me about amendments to the King’s speech and your call for a ceasefire.


This is an incredibly sensitive topic, and the current scenes we are witnessing are deeply upsetting.


I will not be supporting or voting in favour of tabled amendments by either the SNP or Zarah Sultana MP that call for a ceasefire. The UK Government is rightly concerned that a ceasefire now would allow Hamas to once again regroup and allow the violent cycle to continue.


I supports the Government’s call for humanitarian pauses that would allow civilians to move and for humanitarian aid to be delivered.


You may be aware that I have released two personal statements on the conflict in Gaza.


These can be found using the links below:


Conflict in Gaza (October 2023) | Sally-Ann Hart (


Second statement on Gaza (October 2023) | Sally-Ann Hart (


Thank you again for taking the time to contact me. 


Yours sincerely, 



Sally-Ann Hart MP.