MP Joins Local Group in Mask Making Effort

Hastings and Rye’s local MP, Sally-Ann Hart, joined the St Leonards Makers last week to help with their mammoth effort to make face coverings and masks for local hospitals including The Conquest, Rye and Bexhill.

These masks are aimed at patients and visitors to these hospitals so that the PPE prescribed masks are saved for the frontline staff who need them.

On her visit, Sally-Ann said “it was great to go along to St Anne’s Church in Hollington to help support the St Leonards Makers. They are doing a vital job in providing these masks to patients and visitors at our hospitals. They have undertaken a mammoth task, but to date have already produced over 10,000 masks to local organisations. Vivienne and her team are a true inspiration to the town, and I cannot thank them enough for their hard and dedicated work.”

So far over 10,000 masks have been made for local organisation including Surviving the Streets, St Michael’s Hospice and A1 Carers to name but a few. The masks have been made out of old pillowcases and pieces of fabric.

“I was thrilled to spend a morning with these inspirational women and do my bit by helping to produce a few masks myself. I would encourage anyone who can donate fabric and time to please get in touch with the St Leonards Makers and help them in their great work, as we all come together to fight off the Covid19 virus,” said Sally-Ann.