New Plan Agreed to Address Camber Issues


A NEW multi-agency plan to help manage issues caused by thousands of day-trippers heading to Camber Sands in warm weather is to be drawn up.

A meeting of partners involved in the management of Camber and the surrounding area was called after huge numbers of people headed to the beach during this week’s heatwave.

While many systems are in place to deal with the issues created by the number of visitors, it was agreed that plans for warm days at Camber need to mirror those put in place for large crowd events.

Local MP Sally-Ann Hart, who chaired the meetings said: “Warm weather can see as many as 25,000 people visiting the beach, which is served by a single public road and three car parks. This puts a huge strain on the road network, has a detrimental impact on those living locally and is a drain on resources of local authorities and emergency services.

“The situation on Thursday this week led to Sussex Police taking emergency action to close the road and, while this went some way to alleviating the problem on Camber Road, it moved the problem on to other areas like Rye, Winchelsea Beach and Pett Level. It is clear that this would not be a long-term solution.”

She added: “At today’s meeting, we agreed to put in place a plan that will ensure we can keep Camber open for business whilst reducing traffic levels, focussing on beach safety and ensuring residents are treated with respect and decency.”

Rother District Council, Sussex Police, East Sussex County Council and Camber Parish Council will work together to discuss what roles each can play in a strategic plan to cope with visitors during warm weather.

As well as the management of traffic and car parking, the plan will include beach safety; litter problems, antisocial behaviour and water safety, and how the closure of car parks, when full, can be communicated.

Sally-Ann added: “Authorities are already doing a great deal of work to manage the numbers we are seeing at Camber Sands, but this new plan will create the opportunity to prioritise certain individuals in roles that will help alleviate some of the problems we have been seeing in recent weeks.

“There are no quick wins here, but we continue to work in a united and concerted effort to ensure that the scenes of the last few days are behind us. With a new strategy, and a tangible work on the ground we stand a better change of overcoming these problems.