Standing up for our Fishermen



Local Hastings and Rye MP Sally-Ann Hart stood up for the local fishing
communities in Hastings and Rye, seeking reassurances for them in a post-Brexit world.
In the House of Commons, Sally-Ann asked the Secretary of State for Exiting to the European Union “in
Hastings and Rye we have two fishing communities, one of which is a beach launched fleet, and by their
very nature environmentally and ecologically responsive and sustainable and it is therefore vital that this
ancient fishing tradition is given room and opportunity to flourish. Can the Minister confirm that specific
attention be given to our under 10m beach launched boats, giving them more autonomy and flexibility in
a post-Brexit Britain?”

In response the Minister, James Duddridge MP, stated “I can confirm we will spend special attention to
the 10 metre fishing fleet, I can also confirm that as we leave the EU, and become an independent coastal
state, the Government will develop a domestic fisheries policy which promote the fleet that is both
profitable, diverse, and using traditional practices to protect stocks and protect our precious marine

After her exchange with the Minister Sally-Ann had this to say “I was encouraged by the response from
the Minister. It shows that this Government is committed to standing up for fishing industry and that in a
post-Brexit world we will leave the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), and have complete control over
British fishing waters. I am committed to standing up for our local fishing communities and am confident
they will get a good deal in a post Brexit world.”