National Campaign Responses and Statements


This page provides a direct link to campaign replies and statements.  It is sorted alphabetically by title.



Animals - stolen Cats (March 2023)

Animals - Pig Welfare (March 2023)

Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill (March 2023) 

Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill in Regards to Dogs (May 2023) 

Animal Welfare plans (May 2023)

Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill in regards to Live Animal Export (May 2023)

Animals - Caged Farm Animals (May 2023)

Animal E-Collars (August 2023) 

Animal Testing for Cosmetics (August 2023)

Animals Dangerous Dog Act reform (August 2023)

Animals brachycephalic (September 2023)

Animal Welfare Record (September 2023) 

Animals - Welfare of Farmed Fish (October 2023)

Animal Welfare Puppy Smuggling (November 2023)





Access to Cash as a Payment Method (April 2022)

Active Travel in Hastings and Rye (May 2023) 

Autism -  support for Children and Adults (February 2022)

Alzheimer’s (October 2023)

Autism (October 2023)



Business and Human Rights (March 2023)

Brixton Academy (September 2023) 



Central Bank Digital Currency (July 2023)

Conversion Therapy Bill (May 2023)

Covid-19 - the WHO and the UN (July 2023)

Climate Change and Nature (August 2023)

Closure of Ticket Offices 

Carer's Allowance (September 2023)

Change in Climate Change Policy (September 2023)

Conversion Therapy Bill (November 2023)



Digital ID Verification (March 2023)



Energy Bills and the Cost of Living (March 2023)

Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) (March 2023)

Energy Efficiency (March 2023)

Evictions, Demolitions & Settlements in OPTs (January 2023)



Farming and Nature (September 2022)

Former Prime Minister's Honour List Nominations (May 2023)

Free School Meals for All Children (December 2022)

Fuel Duty (March 2023)



First statement on Gaza (October 2023) 

Second statement on Gaza (October 2023)

Gaza (Ceasefire vote) (November 2023) 




Hunting Act 2004 (May 2023) 

Tackling Homelessness (October 2023)



Illegal Migration Act (April 2023)

Independent Sector Providers and the NHS (March 2023)

Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories (July 2023)



The King's Guard Ceremonial caps and Faux Fur (July 2023)



Mileage Rates (March 2023)

Minimum Service Levels Act (the right to strike) (May 2023)

Minimum Wage and Pay Rises (August 2023)

Mental Health Emergency Helpline (September 2023)



The People’s Plan for Nature Campaign (June 2023)

NHS Preparations for Winter 2022 to 2023 (September 2022)

Natures Recovery (October 2023)

Net Zero and Climate Change (October 2023)



Online Safety Bill (December 2022)

Ocean Protection (October 2023)



Planning Permissions Policy for Onshore Wind Farms (March 2023)

Police, Crime, Sentencing, and Courts Act (March 2022)

Procedure Committee’s Recommendations (July 2023)

Public Order Act (March 2023)

Public Order Act and the Bill of Rights Bill (March 2023)

Pubs, Beer Duty and VAT (March 2023) 

Pension Triple Lock (October 2023)



Renters (Reform) Bill (June 2023)


Russian Sanctions (February 2023)



Section 21 (March 2023)

UPDATE - Sewage Pollution (July 2023)

Sheltered Accommodation (March 2023)

Sustainable Fishing in British Waters (September 2023) 

Supporting Low Income Renters (November 2023)



Trophy Hunting (March 2023)

The Save the Shire Campaign (Protect Literary Landscapes) (September 2023)



Response on Invasion of Ukraine (March 2022)

Unaccompanied Child Migrants in the UK (March 2023)

UK River Management (September 2023)



Voluntary Scheme for Branded Medicines Pricing and Access (VPAS) (September 2023)



Wealth Taxes (May 2023)