Campaign Responses

Campaign Response on the Big Plastic Count

Thank you for contacting me about the big plastic count.

I welcome the fact that many households have now committed to counting their plastic waste contributions and are seeking to lower the amount of waste they produce.

Campaign Response on Fixed Penalty Notices

Thank you for contacting me. 

We all share the same disappointment that the Prime Minister and Chancellor have both been issued a fixed penalty notice, and I fully empathise with the anger felt by some people locally in relation to this. 

Campaign Response on Trans Conversion Therapy

I believe it is important to recognise gender identity is different to biology. We can all agree trans people should live with the respect and dignity that everyone expects as a person. We can all agree that wrong gay and trans conversion practices should be banned and that we should maintain the

Campaign Response on Access to Cash

Thank you for contacting me about cash availability and acceptance.

Cash remains an important part of daily life for millions of people across the UK, which is why the Government has committed to legislate for the protection of access to cash.