Campaign Responses

Campaign Response for Future Immigration Bill

Thank you for contacting me about future immigration.

The Immigration and Social Security Coordination (EU Withdrawal) Bill which I believe you are referring to, is to provide the foundations for our new immigration system, not the new system itself.

Campaign Response for Cycling and Walking Post-Covid

Thank you for contacting me about cycling and walking.

With public transport capacity reduced to facilitate social distancing, cycling and walking will play a vital role in helping the country to get back to work.

Campaign Response to Agriculture Bill Amendments

Thank you for contacting me about food standards and future trade deals.

I fully recognise the importance the public attach to the UK’s high standards of food production, and the unique selling point it provides for our farmers, whose high-quality produce is in demand around the world.

Campaign Response to Antibiotics in Farming

Thank you for contacting me about antibiotics in farming.

Antibiotic resistance is the biggest threat to modern medicine and we must act now to help keep antibiotics effective for future generations.

Road Haulage during Coronavirus

Thank you for contacting me about road haulage and the impact of the coronavirus outbreak.

I recognise the real difficulties facing the road haulage sector. I also understand that the sector has a vital role to play in the national effort to combat the spread of the disease.

Campaign Response for EFRS Consulation

East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service have recently launched a consultation into their future provision across the county. This consultation ends on the 19th June 2020.

Campaign Response for Local Electricity Bill

Thank you for contacting me about the Local Electricity Bill.

I believe distributed generation may have a role to play in a smarter, more efficient energy system. Small scale, low-carbon technologies should have a level playing field as the market for smarter services evolves.

Campaign Response to Animal Sentience

Thank you for contacting me about animal sentience.

First and foremost, I believe animals are sentient beings who can feel pain and suffering, and I would like to reassure you that strong action is being taken to reduce their risk of harm.

Campaign Response for Supporting the Travel Industry

Thank you for contacting me about support for the travel industry.

I fully appreciate your concerns and the seriousness of the situation for the whole UK travel industry, which I recognise is facing real difficulty in light of the coronavirus outbreak.